Pacific Northwest Coast

Carved Killer Whale Mask

Killer Whale Mask

Artist: Don Lelooska
Carved and Painted wood

Carved Mask

Carved Portrait Mask

Artist: Matthew James
Carved and Painted wood

Wolf Mask

Wolf Mask

Tlingit Style
Artist: Ivan Otterlifter
Carved and Painted wood
Transformation mask: Mouth opens to reveal a frog.

Basketry Purse

Tlingit Basketry Purse

Circa early 1900's
Twined construction with false embroidery design using aniline dyed beargrass.

Oil Dipper ladle


Carved Mountain goat horn. Carvings on handle represent Raven and woman being consumed by deity.

Carved Wood Feast Bowl

Feast Bowl

Kwakiutl style
Artist: Lavalle
Circa 1980's
Carved cedar with shell inlay. Used for serving food or fish oil during feasts.

Basket With Lid

Makah/ Nootka Trinket Basket With Lid

Cedar bark, sedge, bear grass with aniline dyes. Twined and woven construction.

Miniature Totem Pole

Miniature Carved Totem Pole

Tlingit or Haida
Carved fossilized antler ivory. Depicts "old money woman", bear, and raven.

Potlatch Hat

Potlatch Hat

Tlingit style
Carved and painted cedar potlatch hat with flying eagle. Four wood rings adorned with human hair at top.

Potlatch Hat

Shaman's Oystercatcher Rattle

Tlingit style
Carved and painted wood rattle depicting figures on back of oystercatcher. Oystercatcher was an ideal assistant to the shaman, because it inhabits the zone between water and land, suggestive of the shaman's role between two worlds - human and spirit.