The Great Plains

High Top Moccasins

Women's Hightop Moccasins 

Buckskin, sewn with sinew and/or horsehair. Glass beadwork and silver conchos.
Cica mid-1800's.

Hunting knife with beaded sheath

Hunting Knife with Beaded Sheath

Steel bowie knife with abalone inlay. Sheath is native tanned rawhide with glass beadwork.
Circa mid-1800's.

Beaded Pouch

Plains Beaded Pouch

Nez Perce or Crow
Buckskin with seed beads and tin cones.
Circa mid-1800's.

beaded moccasins

Beaded Moccasins

Circa early to mid 1900's.

Lakota Warrior Shirt

Lakota Warrior Shirt

Artist: Donald Price
Circa 1990's
Brain tanned elk, dyed porcupine quills, backstrap sinew, human hair

Geometric Beaded Bag

Great Plains Beaded Pouch

Crow or Shoshone
Circa early 1900's
Cotton and cowhide spot stitched and lazy stitched with floral pattern on one side and geometric pattern on other side.