Beyond Buffalo Hunting - A Class in Native American Diversity



Beyond Buffalo Hunting: A Study in Native American Diversity

Do Pomo baskets have symbolic designs like Puebloan pottery?  Can a Kwakiutl “totem pole” be read like a book?  Why are a few “Beloved” children of Great Plains societies showered with gifts?  Using the collection of the Jesse Peter Multicultural Museum (Santa Rosa Campus), this course is designed to offer a more nuanced understanding of the unique qualities of various Native North American Societies.  Join us to explore topics of symbolism, gendered art forms, traditions and transformations.  K-12 educators are welcome to attend!

Coming Spring 2020- The Art and Artifacts of War


Coming in Spring 2020:
The Art and Artifacts of War: Shielding the Self and Spirit

This exhibit will focus on individual artifacts that span cultures and time, from lithics to forged steel, from fabric to paper. We aim to display these artifacts of war embellished with art that hold symbols of deeply held beliefs inscribed in shape and design, images and words.

Funded by a grant from the Santa Rosa Junior College Foundation- Randolph Newman Cultural Enrichment Endowment.