Jesse Peter Museum


Sunday, May 7th  10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

David Smith Dance Group at the Day Under the Oaks

Santa Rosa Junior College Campus Open House

Jesse Peter Museum is currently displaying the Elsie Allen Pomo Basket Collection, and will feature the unique art of indiginous artist Olivia Dancel.Olivia Dancel artwork
We have Children's Activities at the museum - try traditional Native American skills such as drilling shells, grinding seeds with morter and pestles, and more!


2017 DUO Native American Celebration
Drum and Dance Schedule

9:30 AM Native Resistance Drum Group (Adam Villagomez)
9:55 AM Opening Prayer
10:00 AM Northern Pomo Dancers (Erica Carson)
10:45 AM Point Arena Pomo Dancers (Clarence Carrillo)
11:30 AM Elem Xemfo Dancers (Robert Geary)
12:15 PM Tuolomne Band Me-Wuk Dancers (Carlos Geisdorff)
1:00 PM Xantotl Azteca Dancers (Omar Gallardo)
1:45 PM Santa Rosa Pomo Dancers (Dave Smith)
2:30 PM Sonoma County Youth Pomo Dancers (Joe Salinas)
3:15 PM Elem Colony Lake County Dancers (Dave Brown)
4:00 PM Closing Prayer