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The Santa Rosa Junior College Museum houses collections of ethnographic art from all over the world. Permanent exhibits include the arts of California Indians, Pacific Northwest Coast, Plains and Plateau, and the Southwest. The museum is a primary resource for multicultural studies in the SRJC curriculum, and there are a number of rotating and temporary exhibits that change on a regular basis to serve the needs of college classes. The exhibits and collections serve as a laboratory for anthropology and Native American studies and provide study materials for other Ethnic Studies and American Cultures courses. Theresa Molino, Museum Director, is available to consult with instructors who wish to plan museum‐based assignments, with the possibility of museum staff creating special exhibits customized for the curriculum needs of individual instructors.

SRJC classes can book special visits for any times that are available. Whole class visits must be booked in advance to assure that no other events are scheduled during your visit.


Our Children's Outreach Program will be active in Spring 2020 for docent-led tours. For this Fall 2019, we are offering limited dates for self-guided tours. We will provide a self-guided tour booklet and can accommodate up to 30 students at a time for $20.00 per group, payable by cash, check, or credit card.

Children's Tour at the Museum Look for our upcoming teacher training seminar, designed for 3th and 4th grade curriculum to support student learning about diverse Native American Societies.



HIGH SCHOOL AND MIDDLE SCHOOL classes can book a self guided visit for any available time. Please check the calendar. 


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