The Great Lakes

Cherokee Tourist Basket

Cherokee Tourist Basket

Acquired in 1980 Checkerwork pattern, created from split oak with bloodroot dye.

Great Lakes Basket

Algonquian "Porcupine Twist" plaited basket

Ash splints finished with sweetgrass.

Beaded Moccasins

Ojibwe Beaded Moccasins

Circa 1910; Soft moose hide with glass beadwork.

Iriquois False Face Mask

Iriquois False Face Mask 

Reproduction of Medicine society mask. Made of resin, red paint, aluminum sheet metal, and horse hair.

beaded purse

Great Lakes Beaded Purse


Nez Perce Woven Bag

Great Lakes/ Woodlands Beaded Leggings 

Potawatami Cree/ Ojibwa
Beaded cuffs or leggings lazy stitched and spot stitched on cotton canvas.