Museum Store now open




The Jesse Peter Multicultural Museum has a Gift Store!

Explore treasures from all corners of the world at very affordable prices. Textiles, pottery, sculptures, clothing and jewelry are just some of the things that you can find.  All sales benefit the museum and will enable us to purchase more artifacts to broaden our global exhibits.  We are open during all Museum Open Hours. We accept all major credit cards.  What fantastic finds await you?

We Need Donations for the Museum Store!


Don't think your collection of trinkets from your world travels are worthy of a museum? Think again! Your donations can help the Jesse Peter Multicultural Museum through museum store sales.  We're interested in ceramics, jewelry, wood carvings, sculptures, textiles, basketry, books, and many other objects that may be salable.


Contact us today to find out if we can take some of the knicknacks that have been cluttering up your house and turn them into revenue for the museum!

or (707) 527-4479 to schedule an appointment.

photos of store items


The Jesse Peter Multicultural Museum reserves all rights to determine whether we can use any donations, either for the collection or the store. All donations become the permanent property of the Jesse Peter Museum and may be sold or otherwise disposed of at our discretion. Your donation may be tax deductible. Check with your tax advisor.